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I love a good two-day delivery, and over the years I've found items for my fellow coffee lovers, pet owners, organization junkies, and more. Here are all of my Amazon favorites in one, convenient place.

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I swear I've tried everything to get the perfect cup of joe in the morning. But the easiest (and most delicious) by far was when I discovered Jot. One tablespoon of their ultra coffee + 8 oz of water/milk/whatever = coffee so good, Starbucks is shaking. Try it hot or cold, and set up a subscription so you're never without.


Don't let every perfect cup of iced coffee become a race against the clock. Try a Javasok to keep your ice frozen longer, make condensation drips a thing of the past, and prevent that unfortunate oh-no-I-waited-too-long watered-down coffee taste. Check out their sizing guide, then get started with 15% off.

Quip Logo.png

Say hello to quip. This sleek electric toothbrush helps build better habits, and can even send brushing data straight to your phone, where you can redeem points for free stuff. Set up a subscription plan to get a new brush head and battery every 3 months for just $5 -- but here's your first one for free.

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Does trying to keep up with everything going on in the world feel overwhelming? Have it Skimm'd instead. Your daily dose of news, current events, and recommendations will be delivered to your inbox every morning in one witty, digestible email.

Libby Logo_edited.jpg

When I first made the switch from physical books to ebooks, my wallet was definitely hurting from all of the Kindle purchases. Then I discovered Libby. Connect your local library card to browse and check out all the ebooks your heart desires. Then read directly in the app or send it to your Kindle. Happy reading.

Zenni Logo.png

Wearing glasses? Cuuuute. Choosing a pair from your eye doctor? Expensive and.... less than fashionable. Luckily, Zenni changes the game. Add your prescription, browse hundreds of styles, and virtually try them on to find the perfect pair (or pairs, in my case). Everyday glasses, sunglasses, and readers, starting at $6.95. Oh, and here's $5 off your first pair — just don't tell your eye doctor you heard this from me.

paired app_edited.jpg

Whether you want to improve communication or simply learn more about each other, Paired, the free app for couples, is a fun and easy way to do it. Each day you'll both get an activity — an open-ended prompt, an opportunity to rate aspects of your relationship, or a game to see how much you know about each other. But the kicker? You can't see your partner's answer until you both respond. Get started with today's question.



Whether your music has been feeling a little stale or you just want to beef up your driving playlist a bit, I've put together a collection of my all-time favorite songs along with ones I haven't been able to get enough of lately, just for you. Listen now, and look out for regular updates.


Goodreads Logo_edited.jpg

Looking for your next read? I've compiled some of my favorite books I've recently finished. With genres spanning from romance to mystery to nonfiction, you're sure to find your next favorite here.

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